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Ragin Kajan Johnson

Future UFC Champion

My name is "Ragin" Kajan Johnson and I have been a professional mixed martial artist for 13 years. Recently, I began to include the K2 Room in my training regiment for my upcoming fight, UFC Manila, on may 16th, 2015. Wow! I have since seen huge benefits in my body's tolerance to lactic acid build up and overall cardiovascular performance. I will definitely be continuing this type of training for the rest of my career as I can see that it gives me a huge advantage over the rest of the competition.

If you want to follow me on my journey to be the UFC champion my twitter name is @iamragin. I know Im gonna be on top of the game, cuz every week I train
at 10,000 feet.

Paulo Saldanha

Founder and creator of the PowerWatts training system

The K2ROOM is an excellent tool for optimizing performance. We use it to help athletes quickly acclimatize to altitude prior to going to travel to competitions. We also use it as a tool to create an optimal environment for optimizing performance and adaptations to endurance training.

Chris Rozdilsky

Exercise Physiologist, coach at the PowerWatts center in Montréal

The K2ROOM has been a key tool in our athletes’ preparation. Not only have we used it to prepare athletes for camps and competitions at altitude, but also as a training stimulus to push them to new levels. It's our secret weapon.

François Parisien

Member of the World Tour team Argos-Shimano

I used the K2ROOM a few times for my preparation before going racing in Europe. The trainings I did at high altitude were definitely some of the hardest I have done in my career; I really suffered!
But after my win of the World Tour Stage Five of the Vuelta Catalunya (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_Volta_a_Catalunya#Stage_5), I believe the K2ROOM helped me to make the other pro-riders suffer. :)