K2ROOM offers a unique concept : Simulates altitude
and can offer controls of temperature and humidity.

The K2ROOM center offers OLYMPIC athletes,PROFESSIONAL SPORT athletes, and all other ATHLETES, or sport enthusiasts in disciplines such as running, cycling, swimming, soccer, football, skiing, skating,and many other disciplines, the training environment that delivers results. K2ROOM is a simulated environmental chamber where athletes benefit from ALTITUDE TRAINING and environmental effects without requiring to travel to costly altitude training camps. Altitude delivers: higher VO2 max, improved blood profile, increased lactate buffering, stimulates fat metabolism, and offers acclimatization to altitude prior to competition. K2ROOM is constructed from industrial strength machinery which delivers precision engineering all controlled by a web-enabled software.

K2ROOM originates from a company with headquarters in Holland, and offices in Canada and the USA that has been manufacturing controlled atmosphere equipment and machinery for the past 20 years with installations worldwide. The core clientele that is serviced are large industrial warehouse and storage facilities that require controlled atmosphere for a variety of reasons and for a variety of stored goods. These clients rely on the stability, efficiency, and reliability of our equipment. The engineering quality behind the equipment is therefore key.